Website Design and Development

We know you’re not buying a site just to be a piece of art. You want it to bring in more business. We will meet with you to discuss and understand your business needs before proposing solutions and will communicate with you every step of the way. We will not try to sell you anything that won’t help your business succeed.

All sites are designed and optimized for maximum ease of use, fast loading on screen, easy to find on search engines (Google, etc), compatibility on multiple browsers (site will look the same regardless of how customers get on the internet) and, of course, aesthetic value.

We use a technique called Responsive Web Design which means that your site will look great regardless of the size screen it is being viewed on. Using phones to browse websites is outpacing the use of larger screens. Make sure your website is as easy to use on your phone as it is on your office computer.  Have content that is easily readable with zooming and menu buttons that are large enough to select the correct one.

Websites can come in all sizes depending on your needs and budget. If your budget doesn’t allow for custom design and optimization and don’t mind putting in some effort yourself, we also have low-cost “do-it-yourself” packages we’ll set up and train you to use.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A professionally developed website can be a great asset in your marketing arsenal but only if your customers can find it. Websites need to be “optimized” for them to place high in search engine (Google, etc) results. We specialize in “organic” optimization which means that you won’t have to pay Google every time someone clicks on a link to your site.

Google is happiest when it can match the best content for what the viewer is searching for. Our research into appropriate words and phrases can give you an edge on competitor’s websites. We can also show you how to add fresh content to your website on a regular basis which is another thing Google rewards.

Obstacles for search engines include improperly placed keywords, over-use of Flash animation and/or using graphics to display text. These may make a pretty site but we can make a site that’s nice to look at as well as an effective marketing tool.

Ecommerce/Online Shopping Carts

Do you have something to sell that you need a website for? 

We can design an e-commerce system using PayPal, Stripe or your own established merchant processing system.. You’ll have control over adding and tracking your product inventory, offering coupons or promotions, setting prices & offering sales, setting shipping options, and many different reports tracking sales. Buyers can also set up their own accounts to track their orders and make repeat buying easy.

Content Management Systems/Blogs

Content Management System is a fancy way of saying “You can update your website by yourself”. No technical knowledge needed. No more waiting. Instant results. Can also be used for custom-designed blogs. A blog that is integrated into your main company website can bring more people to see your other pages instead of just reading your blog.

The system is built on software that is continually upgraded and improved. Updates are issued several times a year. Some updates are needed to increase security against hackers so it’s important that you keep your system up to date. It is also important to make a backup of the changes you make. This should be done at least once a month, more often depending on the amount of changes you do a month. If you’d like me to perform these tasks, I have a Security, Support & Backup package. $25/month automatically charged to your credit card.

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