Artistic enough to make your site beautiful…Geek enough to make it successful!

I like to think of myself as an Artistic Geek who combines artistry and technology so you outshine the competition. With Radiant Website Design your bottom line ends up looking brighter because you don’t pay a separate fee for a graphic designer and a programmer.

Design Artistry:

  • Simplicity. Reduced elements and content to make visitor decisions quick and easy. Obvious navigation menus.
  • Stunning pictures and graphics, strategically placed.
  • Visual appeal with brilliant application of colors, typography, and balance.
  • Ideal information flow to get your message across and convert readers into customers.

Geek Benefits:

  • Mobile friendliness. Is your website as easy to use on your phone as your office computer? Not all designers offer this but I’ve been doing it for years.
  • Google friendliness. Do search engines love you? I offer SEO mastery that places keywords with precision: in the source code, headlines, title tags and meta-tag descriptions.
  • User friendliness. Our sites are easily navigated and draw visitors through.

With degrees in both programming and graphic design and experience dating back to the beginning of the millennium, I will work with you to deliver the best system for your needs and budget.

When you want a website that’s sleek, talk to the Geek!

Happy Customers:

THANK YOU!!!!  The website looks great and it is easy to navigate!

Laszlo KatonaPrincipalSt. Joseph School

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